onsdag 12. oktober 2011

Brit Floyd

Well, after some long months, I'm finally going to a Pink Floyd cover gig! Haven't heard PF music live since I saw Roger Waters in Berlin this summer. So it's been a while.. This saturday, I went to a Brit Floyd gig with my friends and family! I've been to a lot of cover band gigs, but I've never seen these guys before, so I had no idea of what they would play. Before the gig we all went out to try some new pubs in Bergen, so at the last place we went to, we had such a good time, that we almost ran out late, but when the clock turned 20.00 and we had just sat down, the lights went out, and the band started to play. Right on time!!!

Anyways, the band started off with a kind of meddle of all the different intros of songs they were to play. I must say, when they started to play, I was so surprised so many times! They played many songs that I didn't expect! They played "High hopes", "Learning to fly" and "Lost for words", which my sister love! I was so happy for her :) Other songs they played that suprised me a bit were "Pigs, three different ones", "Shine on you crazy diamond" and "Us and them". The other songs I had an idea about that they would play like "Comfortably numb" etc, but they are still great songs ;)

One thing that's not good, has nothing to do with the band at all, but it has got to do with the place they performed the gig. Yes, the sound is good, the seats are comfy and it doesent matter if you get a really tall person in front of you, cause you will see the scene anyways.. But the audience.. JEEEEZ! It seems like everyone don't like the music, cause they don't make a sound, even if their favourite song is played.. I'm not saying that people should talk, but they should be able to show their happiness during or after a song, but NO! They are just sitting there, waiting for me to make some noice, and then yell at me.. not cool..
In earlier years I've been the same as I am today when I listen to my favourite music, I give people the expression that this is my passion, and what do they give back? Lots of yelling and hush'es... Silly people makes me NOT want to go to gigs anymore.... And that sucks...

People who performe music made by these guys, are my heroes! I wish I had my own tribiute band <3

But all in all, no regrets that I went to this gig, cause it was freaking awesome :)

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