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The Wall concert in Copenhagen


Last week was truly amazing, and probably one of the best week in my entire life!
We started of on sunday (11.8). Me and Sam had just finished the packing, and then Nikolai came over for a really early dinner. A friend of mine drove us to the airport, we checked in and went straight to the bar for a coffee and a glass of wine. Lucky for us, the plane took of right on time, and then we met my sister, Adelheid, in Copenhagen.
When we left the airport, the time was already past 17.00, so we got a taxi to the hotel, checked in, and jumped in a new taxi who took us to Parken stadium. We only had two tickets, so we bought two more at the stadium.

Where me and my sister sat at Parken stadium

When we waited for the show to start, we went to find some food and then we sat down in the most amazing place. It was a pub where they played The Wall, so loud, that it was hard to hear what people said. The floor were shaking because of the bass, and I found myself in a perfect place for a warm up!
The doors opened and we went inside. Me and my sister sat together, and we also had backstage passes, so after we had found our places, we went backstage. There were no people from the band when we got there, but later on, Harry Waters came in. He had a conversation with someone I assume was his friend, so I didn't want to go over and disturb. But I sat down at his table and just stared at him for about 10 minutes. Yes, I am creepy.. 

Harry Waters at the table 

A few minutes before the show we headed to the door, and when I pushed it open, Robbie Wycoff came in! I stopped him and got to talk with him and hold his hand. I was starstrucked, so I don't think I was able to talk that much. He had to go inside, so we started walking towards the elevator, and when we waited for the doors to close, Robbie came running in! Still I didn't manage to talk much, so I was mostly staring and smiling. Before the door closed, someone called his name to tell him that it was the wrong elevator, so he had to go, but he told us to enjoy the show.

It's a bit dark.. Some of the audience at Parken stadium

The show were amazing as always! The crowd was a bit dull.. No screaming, barley no applaude when they started playing a new song etc. That means that I got those angry looks from people who just want me to shut up. Not cool. But I didn't care, and my sister also told me not to care.
It's been a long time since my last The Wall show, so I did of course start crying when they started playing and when Roger Waters walked onto the stage. It's the most amazing moment. If you've seen it before, you know what to look forward to, and if you never seen it before, you know that you're up for something amazing, special and new!

Before the show, they always play this song. "Take this hammer" by Leadbelly

During the intermission, me and Adelheid went backstage again. We found a table and just stood there, waiting for someone to come in. We were supposed to meet David Kilminster, but unfortunaly, he was buisy. But we got to meet Robbie Wycoff. He came backstage, and after taking some photos with some other fans, he came over to our table! We got to talk for a while, get some autographs and also some pictures!

Me & Robbie Wycoff

Had a great time with a great man

Here's some other pictures from our Copenhagen days:
At a pub, drinking strawberry daquiry

Adelheid, me & Nikko got face painting in the zoo!

Sam didn't want to get painted in the face. He got the job as the lunatic guardian!

Funny bird

I won 2 kg of chocolate at Tivoli 

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