søndag 11. august 2013


Before my very first The Wall concert

The day is finally here!
In a few hours I will be on the plane, on my way to Denmark and Copenhagen. I don't think I've really realized it yet, but this is what I've been dreaming about in a year, and especially over the summer. I've been working and just been staying at home, no vacation. The only place I've traveled is home to my parents and to Bergen to see Muse live.

Roger Waters in action

But now it's my time! Whilst many people are back to work, I now have a full week with some traveling with friends and family. And I know I'm going to see 3 Roger Waters - The Wall shows, but we still don't have any tickets for tonight's show in Copenhagen.
We are actually just going to hope that we'll be able to get some tickets and see the show.

A picture of the stage from the last time we saw The Wall in Denmark

I will blog about my journey when I return in a week, post pictures and tell you about how it was.

Stay tuned, and shine on all you crazy diamonds! 

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