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Interrail around Europe to see Roger Waters, summer 2013

Fearless. Yes we will be!

Today I am trying to put together a travelling plan for next summer. I want to attend to as many shows as possible, and try to experience as many countries at the same time.
In week 29, the gig starts on the saturday in Belgium, and it would be so amazing to be able to see the very first show of the tour. If I decide to go to Belgium, that would only be a friday to sunday trip, since I have to work a bit as well to save some money and to travel around even more!
If I don't go to Belgium, I'm going in week 30 to Italy. That's a country I've always admired and love the history, so will definatly try to get there to see the show in Pedova on friday and go up to Rome the day after and see the show on the sunday. I have not decided if I'm going to both Belgium and Italy, but if I have to choose one, I think it'll be Italy.

Will the show in Belgium be a part of rock Werchter?

Italy, Rome

After the gigs in Italy, there will be a week without any gigs. Maybe there will be announced some new shows later on, but we'll see. I have to plan this asap, so I can ask for my vacation. So if there is new shows announced later, I'll have to wait and see if I can try to attend. In week 32 the show will be to see in Czech Republic on wedensday and in Germany on friday. These days I will not be traveling around Europe, since I am going to Denmark on sunday! That will be my third time in Denmark because of the Roger Waters tours. After the show in Denmark, they are coming back to Norway!! Hurray! Me and my family have already booked hotel for those days, and will buy tickets next week! From Norway, we are going straight to Sweeden. So this week will be non stop traveling and see as many shows as possible. I'm so exited! That is the only gigs that I've planned with my family to see, but this weekend coming up, they will visit me and my boyfriend, so we'll have to do some planning then!

Denmark, Copenhagen

Norway, Oslo

Sweeden, Gothenburg

After the family week, me and my boyfriend have made some big plans. I think we have to buy a tent, and we've been looking on interrailing, and that is quite cheep. So we have been thinking of interrailing around and put up a tent if we don't find a really cheep place to stay. In week 34, 35 and 36 we have been planning to travel:
From Sweeden, Gothenburg to Poland, Warsaw 

From Poland, Warsaw to Austria, Vienna 

From Austria, Vienna to Hungary, Budapest

From Hungary, Budapest to Romania, Bucharest

From Romania, Bucharest to Bulgaria, Sofia

From Bulgaria, Sofia to Serbia, Belgrade

From Serbia, Belgrade to Germany, Berlin

From Germany, Berlin to Germany, Dusseldorf

From Germany, Dusseldorf to Netherlands, Amsterdam 

Then we'll find an airplane to take us back home

This is a three week plan, and there will be one till two days between every show. So if we are following this route, we'll be able to visit loads of exiting countries, new cultures and finnaly be able to see Europe from anotehr view then just going to one city at a time or going on holiday to a country where you are not able to see too much.

The fab five, tarveling around the world to see Roger Waters. 
Thanks for joining me everywhere to see my hero <3

The summer 2011, me, my boyrfiend and sister we're going on a spontanious trip to Denmark to go to a show, and then we took the train to Germany, ana we've got to experience so much, and we saw new things all the way. So I am hoping that the summer next year will be as interesting as the last time. This time we have better time, we can plan it better and prepare ourselves for the best summer!

On my way to a concert in Sydney

So, my dear readers. Do any of you have any experiences with interrailing? Have you been staying at a cheep place in one of these countries/ citys? I have never done this before, and I am a poor student, so I want to get things as cheep as possible. 
If you have any tips at all, please let me know :) It will be very very helpful!

I need YOU to give ME tips about how to get aroun in Europe! :)

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